Commission Structures

Abba said it best… money, money, money, always funny in a casino world… Something like that. Online gambling is a billion dollar industry, set to hit the trillion mark by 2021, and we make it so easy to get a slice of that cherry pie.

Each new affiliate is entitled to a basic starting amount of 35% REV SHARE FOR LIFE, but we are open to negotiate alternative rates as the partnership progresses. This applies the age old science room principle of direct proportion: the more traffic you send, the bigger your paycheck.

Different Commission Structures

We understand that each affiliate has unique expectations and business models they need to work around to produce traffic and generate income. For this reason we are open to negotiate different commission structures based on the best interests for all parties involved. Feel free to contact any of our account managers to discuss your expectations and needs.

Other commission structures we offer to specific affiliates based on approval are:

CPA (Cost per Acquisition):

A set remuneration per acquired player meeting pre-established requirements.

Hybrid Revenue/CPA:

A combination of Revenue Share Profit and CPA profit based on pre-established player requirements.

Second-Tier Affiliate Programme:

Refer other affiliates to Fast Track Affiliates and you will earn 5% of the referred affiliate's earnings, generated by the players they acquire.

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